everything personal♡

everything personal♡
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Fun Fact:
The fall was not scripted, Anne actually slipped while filming, although she started laughing they kept with the scene. The director didn’t yell cut because she waved her hand a little (what looked like when she waved at Lily to keep talking) to signal that she wanted to keep filming the shot. The editor eventually chose this shot because he felt it fit Mia’s character a lot more than the scripted shots they had.

how did she not start crying after getting cunt punted that hard.
And if all you can do today
is breathe in and out, that’s okay.
You’re doing your best
so, for now, to hell with the rest. Something I wrote today during songwriting class. Hope it helps. xx (via awhispertothethunder)

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Serguei Chanko
You could cut my tongue out of my mouth and I’d still find a way to tell you I love you. (via extrasad)

(vía drive-on-to-the-end-with-you)